Most products sold on PartAdvantage.com are covered by warranty. Terms and length vary by product. Please see below for the full text of our warranty policies.

General Warranty Policy

Part Advantage gladly offers a full manufacturer's warranty on all the parts and accessories we sell. In all cases this is always the warranty that the manufacturer themselves offer. It can range from 90 days up to one year and is generally a replacement program. A replacement part is supplied if all of their criteria are met. This is subject to manufacturer's warranty terms and conditions which may or may not include the return of the part, model and serial number requirements, and more. Part Advantage does not offer any extensions on the manufacturer's warranty nor does it have the ability to alter them.

If a part becomes defective within the manufacturer's warranty period under normal use conditions, please contact us and we will be happy to make arrangements for the replacement part to be either picked up or sent to your home or office.

Please note: Water Filters have a 30 - 90 day warranty depending on the brand. Please contact a Parts Advantage representative for more information.

Product Warranty Questions

Please contact Customer Care for any warranty questions.