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General Electric - Univ Clamp


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Replaces Old Numbers:   WC01X0187, WC1X187, WC1X187, WD01X0157, WD01X0414, WD01X0486, WD01X0487, WD01X0488, WD01X0496, WD01X0593, WD01X0606, WD01X0808, WD01X0891, WD01X0943, WD01X0964, WD01X1052, WD01X1303, WD01X5009, WD02X0222, WD03X0199, WD03X0216, WD03X0326, WD03X0343, WD17X5006, WD17X5006, WD17X5044, WD17X5044, WD17X5045, WD17X5045, WD17X5047, WD17X5047, WD1X1052, WD1X1052, WD1X1303, WD1X1303, WD1X157, WD1X157, WD1X414, WD1X414, WD1X486, WD1X486, WD1X487, WD1X487, WD1X488, WD1X488, WD1X496, WD1X496, WD1X5009, WD1X5009, WD1X593, WD1X593, WD1X606, WD1X606, WD1X808, WD1X808, WD1X891, WD1X891, WD1X943, WD1X943, WD1X964, WD1X964, WD2X222, WD2X222, WD3X199, WD3X199, WD3X216, WD3X216, WD3X326, WD3X326, WD3X343, WD3X343, WH01M0240, WH01M0242, WH01M0390, WH01M0567, WH01M0568, WH01X0044, WH01X0064, WH01X0117, WH01X0159, WH01X0381, WH01X0459, WH01X0481, WH01X0762, WH01X0763, WH01X1005, WH01X1021, WH01X1204, WH01X1205, WH01X1206, WH01X1226, WH01X1281, WH01X1282, WH01X1286, WH01X1316, WH01X1373, WH01X1525, WH01X1532, WH01X1581, WH01X1583, WH01X1618, WH01X1620, WH01X1713, WH01X1759, WH01X2020, WH01X2021, WH01X2036, WH01X2036, WH01X2460, WH01X2465, WH01X2481, WH01X5313, WH01X5478, WH1M240, WH1M240, WH1M242, WH1M242, WH1M390, WH1M390, WH1M567, WH1M567, WH1M568, WH1M568, WH1X1005, WH1X1005, WH1X1021, WH1X1021, WH1X117, WH1X117, WH1X1204, WH1X1204, WH1X1205, WH1X1205, WH1X1206, WH1X1206, WH1X1226, WH1X1226, WH1X1281, WH1X1281, WH1X1282, WH1X1282, WH1X1286, WH1X1286, WH1X1316, WH1X1316, WH1X1373, WH1X1373, WH1X1525, WH1X1525, WH1X1532, WH1X1532, WH1X1581, WH1X1581, WH1X1583, WH1X1583, WH1X159, WH1X159, WH1X1618, WH1X1618, WH1X1620, WH1X1620, WH1X1713, WH1X1713, WH1X1759, WH1X1759, WH1X2020, WH1X2020, WH1X2021, WH1X2021, WH1X2460, WH1X2460, WH1X2465, WH1X2465, WH1X2481, WH1X2481, WH1X381, WH1X381, WH1X44, WH1X44, WH1X459, WH1X459, WH1X481, WH1X481, WH1X5313, WH1X5313, WH1X5478, WH1X5478, WH1X64, WH1X64, WH1X762, WH1X762, WH1X763, WH1X763, WH49X0266, WH49X266, WL01X0002, WL01X0006, WL01X0010, WL01X0011, WL01X0021, WL01X0026, WL01X0036, WL01X0051, WL01X0071, WL01X0074, WL01X0125, WL01X0128, WL01X0143, WL01X0193, WL02X0052, WL1X10, WL1X10, WL1X11, WL1X11, WL1X125, WL1X125, WL1X128, WL1X128, WL1X143, WL1X143, WL1X193, WL1X193, WL1X2, WL1X2, WL1X21, WL1X21, WL1X26, WL1X26, WL1X36, WL1X36, WL1X51, WL1X51, WL1X6, WL1X6, WL1X71, WL1X71, WL1X74, WL1X74, WL2X52, WL2X52, WR02X3145, WR02X3177, WR02X3533, WR02X3669, WR2X3145, WR2X3145, WR2X3177, WR2X3177, WR2X3533, WR2X3533, WR2X3669, WR2X3669


Fits Models:   GTUP270EM0WW , GTUP270GM0WW

  • WH1X2036 General Electric - Univ Clamp

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