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GE Refrigerator Defrost Thermostat Kit


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This defrost thermostat kit includes: wires, thermostat that has a limit between 60-30 degrees F, interchangeable brackets and crimp style wire connectors. It can be used on some models of GE Refrigerators and other brands.

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Replaces Old Numbers:   WR23X5030, WR23X5030, WR50X0005, WR50X0007, WR50X0010, WR50X0011, WR50X0017, WR50X0021, WR50X0023, WR50X0026, WR50X0027, WR50X0036, WR50X0060, WR50X0060, WR50X0076, WR50X0077, WR50X0089, WR50X0091, WR50X0093, WR50X0101, WR50X0105, WR50X0107, WR50X0110, WR50X0111, WR50X0115, WR50X0125, WR50X10, WR50X10, WR50X101, WR50X101, WR50X105, WR50X105, WR50X107, WR50X107, WR50X11, WR50X11, WR50X110, WR50X110, WR50X111, WR50X111, WR50X115, WR50X115, WR50X125, WR50X125, WR50X17, WR50X17, WR50X21, WR50X21, WR50X23, WR50X23, WR50X26, WR50X26, WR50X27, WR50X27, WR50X36, WR50X36, WR50X5, WR50X5, WR50X5009, WR50X5009, WR50X5026, WR50X5026, WR50X7, WR50X7, WR50X76, WR50X76, WR50X77, WR50X77, WR50X89, WR50X89, WR50X91, WR50X91, WR50X93, WR50X93


  • WR50X60 GE Refrigerator Defrost Thermostat Kit

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