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GE Range / Oven / Stove Black Knob


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Black knob can be used on some models of GE Ranges / Ovens / Stoves including: Hotpoint and other brands.

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Replaces Old Numbers:   336379, 336379, 337360, 337360, 337360, 341651, 341651, 344315, 344315, 4337760, 4337760, 4338029, 4338029, WB03K5069, WB03K5069, WB03K5118, WB03M0026, WB03X0788, WB03X0804, WB03X0812, WB03X5747, WB3K5118, WB3M26, WB3M26, WB3X5747, WB3X5747, WB3X788, WB3X788, WB3X804, WB3X804, WB3X812


  • WB3K5069 GE Range / Oven / Stove Black Knob

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