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Frigidaire Range / Oven / Stove Infinite Burner Switch


No Longer Available

Infinite burner switch can be used on some models of Frigidaire Ranges / Ovens / Stoves including: Westinghouse and other brands.

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Replaces Old Numbers:   5300600491, 5300600492, Q000001881, Q000001885, Q000001886, Q000001887, Q000011719, Q000011720, Q000011721, Q000011722, Q000011724, Q000011725, Q000011726, Q000011727, Q000011728, Q000011731, Q000011732, Q000011733, Q000011734, Q000011735, Q000011736, Q000011737, Q000044059, Q000044060, Q000044061, Q000044062, Q000050813, Q000050814, Q000050815, Q000050832, Q000050837, Q000054001, Q000054002, Q000054003, Q000054004, Q000054005, Q000054006, Q000054013, Q000054019, Q000054020, Q000054021, Q000054022, Q000054023, Q000054024, Q000054025, Q000054026, Q000054027, Q000054028, Q000054029, Q000054030, Q000054031, Q000054032, Q000054033, Q000054034, Q000055401, Q000055403, Q000058821, Q000080571, Q000080572, Q000080583, Q000162551, Q000162552, Q000162557, Q000162558, Q000163521, Q000163522, Q000600491, Q000600492


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